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How to Ship a Case

Send Your Impression

  • Send conventional prints or models in plaster

    To schedule case pickup, call our customer service team at 800-278-9947 / 800 BRUXIR. We offer free shipping for one pickup and one delivery per case.

  • Send digital impressions

    When you submit a digital print to us and request a modeless restoration, we will deduct the cost of molding from the lab bill.

    In addition to the cost savings also in time, your case could take 2 days less to be ready.

    To send a digital case take in consideration the following:

    • All files must be sent in STL format.
    • We recommend using WeTransfer to send the file to us. The link generated by WeTransfer must be sent to the mail:
    • If you send the case by SIRONA, you must enter the order number.
    • Send a bit to align the files if that is already aligned by Doctor.
    • Send the information of the prescription so that the laboratory can have all the data of the case to be able to work it (color, material and other important details to carry out the work).
    • If you send files through CS Connect, you must also provide us with the link.
    • Recommended: Scanning with the retractor thread placed in the mouth to make the margin look better.

Track your case

  • Get instant case updates via email
  • Call customer service at 800-278-9947

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