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Payment Methods

Legal Company ID: 3-101-141801

  1. Electronic Transfer or deposits in+:
      • Current Account: 939610978
      • IBAN Account: CR17010200009396109789
  2. Electronic transfers from other banks:
    1. SINPE Customer Account: 15123810010000726
    2. MOBILE SINPE: Telephone 7239-0537*
  3. Servicios de BAC San José, de pago rápido:
    1. Compra Clik*
    2. MyPOS++
    3. Automatic downgrade of BAC account or other banks with PAYBAC+++
    4. Automatic downgrade of credit card.
  4. Checks:
    1. In the name of: Laboratorios Dentales de Zona Franca S.A.

Important: Cash payments are NOT received.

Contact Information

Phone: 2654-7635 / 2654-7641
Fax: 2540-2722

+Client must ALWAYS send the proof of transfer for their payment to be applied and must indicate in the detail of the transaction: (1) Invoice number that is canceled and (2) their full name or name of the clinic or client number (if you know it). The voucher must be sent to the email:, and / or report it to the call center 800-278-9947. If you do not indicate the invoices you are canceling, the amount will be applied to the balance due. IMPORTANT: for lack of information in the detail of the transaction the Bank will charge $ 15 USD to identify the sender of the deposit, which will be charged to your account as administrative charges.

++You can make your payment with a Technical Visitor or a courier. All types of cards are accepted, including AMEX.

+++By prior authorization from the doctor, you authorize us to debit a maximum monthly amount from your account at BAC or any other Bank nationwide.
The client must fill out an affiliation form and at the time he decides to leave he must also fill out a form.

*SINPE Móvil transfers less than ¢100,000. (one hundred thousand colones) have no commission cost, greater than this amount the bank can charge a commission to the client. Glidewell will generate the payment link for each invoice.


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